Juice Plus….Basic Common Sense or the Intelligent Choice?

Virtually every leaflet you pick up in the doctors’ waiting rooms infroming us about various ailments and conditions, states clearly that an increase in the quantity of fruits and vegetables added to our diets can improve our health and quality of life.  This is not just to avoid becoming ill in the first place, although there are scientific tests that show this is true, but also in managing the condition, reducing the symptoms and in some cases reversing some of the damage done.

Nothing can replace a healthy, balanced diet, but sometimes we just cannot manage to buy fruits and vegetables that are organic and sunripened, or the majority of the five a day we do have are cooked, or lacking in variety and colour so a safety net in a convenient form is a life saver.

Juice Plus is orgainically grown, sun ripened, raw fruits and vegetables in a capsule.  All the sugar and all the salt is removed and the remaining product is tested for any contaminants or chemicals. If any are found the whole batch is destroyed.  The capsule dissolves 30 minutes after it has been swallowed, so that once in the stomach the contents (the nutritional value of 26 fruits and vegetables in Premium Plus) becomes bioavailable to the body.  The receptors in the oesophagus that recognise potential food allergens, are neatly bipassed, so even those with allergic reactions to some foods should have no problem with taking the product.

 Juice Plus is not expensive… a bag of apples is around £2.00.. the equivalent of one portion of each of 26 fruits, vegetables and berries is less than £2.00 a day…just add up the values of the fruits and vegetables in your weekly shopping.

Click here to go to the Juice Plus website to find out more and look at the numerous independent scientific studies that have been published.